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The Mobile Internet has changed consumers’ purchasing behaviors  


Consumer demand for personal wireless broadband is real and is already outstripping supply.

It will be the fastest adopted technology ever


Former industrial business models will not work in the converged Internet world


There is a lack of human centered cohesive service offerings


New waves of Mobile Internet services, companies and business models are emerging that will fundamentally change the socioeconomic world that has existed for the last 30 years

Strategic decision making is one of the most important tasks of business leaders


Natural anxiety, compounded by the  uncertainties inherent in a weak economy, has resulted in many professionals becoming focused on the short term and fearful of long term strategic commitments


Compound this with a global tsunami of new digital and Internet technologies and the landscape you know is likely to be subject to seismic shifts


KeySo Global can help you understand the future and plot your winning digital strategy  

How well do know your 
future digital landscape?

At KeySo Global, we have been researching, studying and consulting in the converged Internet field for years and have identified several key trends and noteworthy factors.


We describe the overall phenomenon as Digital Life Renaissance 2.0™, which depicts the democratization of information and knowledge, much as the Renaissance of the 16th & 17th centuries democratized literature and the arts.

With all the advances in technology over the past 5 years, the converged Internet offers us more choices than ever before.


As the pace of these advances keeps accelerating, our lives are inextricably changed by and linked to them. New technologies are also rapidly merging and morphing into one giant converged Internet. The devices used to access and connect are converging with each other, creating truly flexible and dynamic tools. These provide affordable access to unparalleled information and sophisticated multi-media functionality, from nearly anywhere in the world and at any time.


KeySo Global has developed and tested tools and methodologies built within a framework that adapt and grow with the rapidly changing environment of the converged Internet, with a language and lexicon that enables clear communication and discourse, and enables collaboration with insight and intelligence, even as Digital Life evolves rapidly around us.

Factors shaping the 
digital landscape

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