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Can Digital Life help SME’s unleash open innovation internationally?

Friday, January 28th, 2011

In a global world, where emerging international markets now present the greatest growth opportunities, can the small to medium sized companies that are the heart of the US economy continue to thrive when their sole focus is on the domestic market?

With the current negative investment climate forcing companies to cut back their workforces at an alarming rate, the aggregated knowledge of many of these companies is being depleted exponentially. They need to find out, as a matter of urgency, where the needs lie in the global marketplace, and the ways in which they can tap into the opportunities that are arising beyond their current domestic horizons.

Digital life refers to the impact of convergence technologies (wireless broadband, mobile Internet and cloud solutions) on global business models and consumer behavior. Increasingly online communities, facilitated by social networking, are enabling experts and consumers to share knowledge, experience and needs in ways that unleash opportunities that know no boundaries.

As digital life rapidly becomes an integral part of today’s business life, SME’s should seize the opportunity, made available via the Internet, to leverage the collective knowledge of the global community, and use it to drive open innovation.

The opportunity for SME’s to attack the emerging market demand pyramid by leveraging their own core technology, combined with concepts and ideas from the collective community, could be the mechanism to spur growth in manufacturing in the US, and consequently sustained economic growth through exports.

Do the government and banking industry have the wherewithal to put in place the necessary frameworks and incentives to facilitate the reengineering of the small and medium business sectors of the US economy? Based on President Obama’s State of the Union speech this week, the awareness is clearly there; the question is – does Congress have the determination to make it happen?

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Is there a Digital Life Princess working in your office?

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Do you underestimate the true value of one of the emerging key players in your business? Are you overlooking one crucial new role that should be an integral part of your workforce; as important today to your organization as a strong leader?

In our blog of 23/12/10 we talked about how the new age of converged technology in which we currently live demands that, in order to succeed in today’s digital workplace, people nowadays have to adapt to change and take on a different role; one that incorporates new skills and talents – and the Digital Life Princess is one such role!

Borrowing from Machiavelli who wrote “The Prince” in 1513 and who argued that it is primarily the character and vitality of the individual leader that determines the “fate of the state”, we analogously created the role of “Digital Life Princess”.

These people know how to move around in the digital world, to create and project a “virtual personality” while connecting with others who share similar goals and objectives. Digital Princesses have a natural talent for finding ways to work with each other, connecting with the masses and collaborating to accomplish the common goals and objectives of their leaders. They also have the character, vitality and skills in Digital Life that compliment and can ultimately determine their leaders’ success or failure.

Digital Life Princesses have the means to take new ideas and insights to their leaders and, receiving direction and vision from those leaders, to then help facilitate the execution of strategies on their behalf by engaging their network of connections, their online personas, and the tools and resources available in Digital Life.

Within a company, a Digital Life Princess appears to easily facilitate the necessary links required between communities, departments and functions in order to expose and share a company’s aggregated knowledge. At the same time they can act as a catalyst to gather and incorporate external knowledge and expertise, which they collect through social networks.

By recognizing the Digital Life Princess in your company, you’re ensuring that your business strategy remains closely aligned to the needs and wants of today’s digital consumers. Find out WHO these Digital Life Princesses are – then engage them to help you and your business flourish!

Can PCs keep up in this accelerating world of tablets?

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Zero to sixty… if you drive a car, this is the measure of how long it takes you to experience the thrill of speed! More exotic vehicles accomplish this in less than 3 seconds, performance machines in less than 5 and most family cars in less than 7. If you’ve gone green, it may take around 10 seconds.

What’s my point? Gone are the days of turning a crank handle, warming the engine, engaging first gear without the aid of synchromesh… now it’s simply press the start button, engage the drive and you’re off!

People using tablets and enhanced e-readers are now experiencing the same thrill of speed as they access and surf the web. Most manufacturers and commentators are referring to device size, display size, color resolution, processing capability and power consumption to differentiate between these new products. The new reality is that the tablet fills the converged space between smartphones and PCs – its differentiation is about “instant on” and instant connection with simple readability.

The real rush of excitement I get from my new Nook Color comes from the fact that I press the button, it lights up, I enter a security code, select the browser and I’m instantly connected – all in just under 32 seconds. Try doing the same on your PC and “instant” doesn’t apply!

For this reason PCs operating on hard drives alone are bound to go the same route as cars with crank handles. The advent of low cost, solid state drives (SSDs) is revolutionizing the experience of the mobile Internet, tablets and PCs, and satisfying the desire for instant connection.