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Digital life and freelancing

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Friday and Saturday look to be fascinating learning days! I have signed up to participate in the first International freelancer’s day. Not since Charles Handy wrote about the Portfolio life has something as revolutionary taken place. For 2 years I have been studying the impact of technology convergence on the digital lives of people and how boundaries and assumptions are crumbling in the wake of the relentless march of ever increasing connectedness. On Friday and Saturday I get to see and listen to people describe how to practically use the existing and emerging tools of the digital age as well as networking and collaboration skills to create a successful freelancing business.

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Nokia changes

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Two of the most outstanding, but often overlooked, strengths of Nokia over the last 20 years have been its continuity of management and deep sense of collective direction. These have resulted in Nokia growing and becoming the number one handset brand globally. A supply chain and design process that have enabled the lowest cost for India, China and Africa, and helped the cellular industry move from 20% penetration to 70% in less than 10 years, are no mean feat! During this time Nokia was also hailed for its innovation, design and user interface. The tight management team strategically outmaneuvered Motorola, kept the Korean competitors at bay and forged some of the most powerful relationships in the industry. Yet now the iPhone and Blackberry phenomena have started the process of unraveling Nokia. The aggregated knowledge that this management team had is beginning to seep away. Nokia revealed that it is to replace CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo with Microsoft executive Stephen Elop. This has been followed by the loss of Anssi Vanjoki who has been instrumental in so many of Nokia’s handset successes and was seen as the potential savior of the Smartphone category. It is probable that these departures are the first of many, as the raison d’être of the company shifts under a non-Finnish leader. It is also likely that the reality of the new converged world of the Mobile Internet will cause many to question Nokia’s ability to scale the heights it formerly claimed.