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Around 1981 four technologies emerged on the world stage: the Walkman, PC, the Internet and the cell phone. They are now converging to create the Mobile Internet Revolution that will result in a tectonic shift in human capability and global economic development


This seismic upheaval is occurring as a result of the evolving 3rd and emerging 4th generations of global, wide area wireless networks


These networks can enable low cost, high throughput and rich mobile data connectivity for everyone everywhere


Every major economic growth spurt in the last 30 years has occurred on the back of a fundamental advancement in mobile communications technology


Current global economic events are forcing existing business models to be revisited. This in turn opens the door for innovative Mobile Digital Life solutions to enhance human productivity, quality of life and economic prosperity


The compound impact of the Mobile Internet Revolution will be the dawn of a new golden age of human development


Converged Technology & the Global Economy
The Converged Digital World

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